Application Server

Outbound SMS Outage


Due to ongoing issues with our upstream provider for SMS, Twilio, we have been working with their team to get our campaign reinstated for messaging in the US. This issue is now resolved and our native SMS services for the Notification Center, Ticket Remediation, Ticket Communications, and Customer Communications have been restored.

To ensure your SMS services are not impacted in the future should a similar issue occur, we offer BYO integrations with Flowroute and Twilio which allow you to integrate your own SMS service in Syncro. More information here:

You should begin to see native SMS deliverability right away, but if you are experiencing any further issues with your SMS service, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Problem Identified

We are still working with our upstream provider for outbound SMS failures.

SMS used for MFA recovery is fully operational.
Account notifications and customer communication messages are still impacted by our upstream provider.
If you are using your own Twilio or Flowroute for SMS, your service is not impacted at all. This is impacting customers who are leveraging Syncro’s built in notification service.

Root Cause:
New regulations on SMS notifications require campaigns to be submitted and approved by SMS providers. The campaign that we use to send notifications was suspended with no notice and while we have been working with the support team to get it reinstated, we have been unsuccessful. We are in progress of creating a new campaign and getting it approved. Our upstream provider has not been able to give us an estimate on when it will be reviewed and/or approved.

As a workaround we recommend creating your own Twilio or Flowroute account which will allow you to communicate with your customers.

Problem Identified

We are experiencing an outage with our SMS provider. All outbound SMS messages are prevented from being sent until this is resolved. We are working with the upstream provider to resolve this issue.